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Rymdkapsel Game Review: Swedish for Space Capsule

For the most part, it was just that game where you laid tetris pieces down in neat formations, and the little white minions would autonomously move to and fro. Each run through is at least an hour, and after playing 6 or so games, I still don’t remember how to spell/pronounce the title.

Rymdkapsel, as described by their creators is “a game where you take command of a space station and its minions. You will have to plan your expansion and manage your resources to explore the galaxy.” (

I can’t imagine playing it on anything smaller than a iPad. In any case, it only costs $3.99, and has already kept my attention for hours. Once you start the game, get ready to stay engaged. My longest run was through 36 waves, taking 76 minutes long. I like it for the same reason I enjoyed playing Playfish’s Restaurant City, although, I’d say the majority of the addiction comes from trying to get the hang of things. As an AI person, though, I do get frustrated when the little minion’s semi-autonomous behavior is suboptimal, and all I can do is try to change their behavior with my macro moves.

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4 thoughts on “Rymdkapsel Game Review: Swedish for Space Capsule

  1. I always knew Narrative AI and Scandinavian Studies would turn out to be related. Pronunciation-wise, I think you can get by just going for the way it is spelled–except be sure that the “sel” sounds more like our word “sell” (not “-sule”), and the “y” is like an “i: “rimd,” except much further forward in the mouth– like, try saying “i/ee” but with your mouth in the same shape as when you say “you.” Though I’m not a linguist, so I’m not all that good at explaining those things…

    Do you know if this game would work on a crappy old first-gen iPad like mine? Seems like most apps I find no longer work on it. :/

  2. I’m not sure if it will work. I’d maybe email the developers and ask.

    a very courageous move on naming the game…lol.

    what are your thoughts on the fox song?

  3. You mean this?

    I hadn’t heard of it till you mentioned it (I’ve never been all that good at staying up to speed with anything hip…), but it is clearly the greatest song ever. I mean, I never really listen to song lyrics anyway, so I guess a nonsense song is as good as any other to me. Also, it maybe is a nice complement for my series of Tomte + Fox pictures that I’ve been occasionally putting on my blog… I have to admit tho, I was kinda hoping the song would be in Norwegian. I’d like to branch out from Swedish.

  4. This game is amazing. I was a juror for it and after about three hours I submitted my review (“Yes, please. Yes.”) and. Kept. Playing. Until way too late.

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