About Me


I started ThoughtfulPlay.com to present information and insights about the game industry, game research, and academia.

I research the use of Artificial Intelligence in expanding the possibilities of storytelling in video games. In addition to having a crush on Super Mario, I fell in love with video games at the age of 5 and have since developed both commercially and for fun. I’m also a game and culture blogger, doing other projects such as video journalism for the game industry and author for game and culture books. I’ve prototyped, designed, and consulted for independent games. In education, I’ve taught game design, robotics, programming, and Artificial Intelligence from middle school to the college level, and through Stanford University have taught students from all around the world. Most recently, I founded a conference, Passion Talks, that integrates faith and passion with vocation to foster humble dialogue in regards to working together for a better world.

I am passionate about my research in Computer Science and contributing towards the video game industry as a developer. In the long term, I am working towards using technology and education to connect to the needs of the world. As a developer, researcher, and educator, I intend to use all of my resources in interactive technology and academia for inspiring and equipping leaders and scholars in all nations. I’m determined live for the sort of world I believe is possible in my lifetime.

Main Page: http://sherolchen.com