Released Games

Lab Bunnies – iOS, 2012

Game Designer, Narrative Designer, and Assistant Producer

It’s a platformer for iOS, where one jumps, they all jump. Think coordination puzzles like Lemmings, but with casual platformer mechanics. Over 200 sections to complete, presented in 72 levels and 3 different worlds. Between the D-pad and the swipe modes, I, personally, prefer D-pad (hands down).

“Lab Bunnies weaves the story of the first, super smart, cloned sheep, crafting their own creations, cloned bunnies. But as they experiment on their own clones, someone is still experimenting on them. As game and story rolls along, various mischief and mayhem unfolds.”


Non-Commercial Games

// darkroom // – JavaScript, 2014

Narrative Designer, Audio, and Programming

Our game literalizes, dramatizes, and upends the Freudian interpretation of dreams into a four-part dream sequence. Plagued (or, perhaps, blessed) by pyromania, narcolepsy, voyeurism, and kleptomania, the main character spins and is spun by her attempts to order the chaos of her mind. Struggling to cut through the tangled prisms of interpretation, these (dis)orders dwarf and distort her efforts to see things as they are. Click here to play.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.41.29 PM

ExTiNxTiON – Windows 7 Phone / Windows, 2011

Solo Developer: Programmer, Game Designer, and Artist

Made this during Global Game Jam 2011 as a solo effort with the help of the XNA Indiana Jones platformer starter kit. “ExTiNxTiOn is a platformer game with a player and multiple clones. Somewhat resembling the “Lemmings” game, the goal is for the player to reach the goal while keeping all the clones alive.”

“In a world with many obstacles, pitfalls, and rewards, how does society make it from one stage to the next? ExTiNxTiOn is about survival of the leader to save the majority. Does the leader go solo? Does the leader try to unify the masses? Does the leader to try keep each individual alive? You decide!…”


Rover’s Inferno – Python v2.5 or 2.6 and Pygame v 1.8.x, 2010

Audio, Music, and Artist

Play as a dog, moving around and sniffing for things. The dog can smell specific objects and remembers them by color. The player will have to learn what are good smells and bad smells.


Cake – Android, 2010

Solo Developer: Programmer

A mini project I worked on to get acquainted to mobile app development. I used Java within Eclipse along with the Android libraries and simulator. This is a rhythm game. The programming approach I took was inspired by player pianos.


EMPath – Game Maker and Java, 2009

Programmer and AI Engineer


EMPath is the first real-time playable game that uses Directed Optimization-Based Drama Management (DODM). DODM was originally proposed in 1992 and implemented in 2001. EMPath was developed to work in conjunction of the DODM in 2007 and took on the style of a 5×5 room dungeon game. In 2008, it was augmented from a 10 plotpoint game to an 18 plotpoint game with ann 8×8 room dungeon. Overall, the user experiences were evaluated on over 100 users and assessed for contributions of authorial leverage through using methods in machine learning.

Eternity – Inform7, 2008

Solo Developer: Programmer

eternityThe player character in the game is to fulfill a simple task, although it metaphorically translates from the dream world into real life, kind of imposing the meaning for the fantasy into an interpretation of how a person might will himself to wake up every morning. This aim is to give an internal/ontological experience. The story is creating this place that you go every time you sleep to determine whether you will awaken the next day. It is a question about how we, as human beings, muster up the motivation to live another day. The task of getting the water to the altar is fairly easy, symbolizing that you just have to be willing to open your eyes to live another day; however, if the player is careless or not thorough, he might miss confronting all of the inner conflicts in his life which can eventually become over-bearing and paralyzing. I’d say that while in “Purgatory” time does not exist, therefore it is like an eternal state of being, hence “Eternity.” In the game, there are many experiences to interperate. Primarily, the user will encounter the 7 deadly sins.

TriUne – RPGToolKit and UCPOP Planner, 2007

Solo Developer: Programmer

The motivation behind this game was to take three perspectives on a set of circumstances and use a planner to represent the story domain. The story was a Robinhood type setting with perspectives of Government, Renegades, and the Church.


Other Projects

Imposition: Algorithmic Music – LISP, 2008


I basically made a song go from Super Mario to Autumn Leaves. Suppose in column A, we have the complete set of qualia from one song and in column B, we have the qualia of an agreeably different song. What is the distinction between column A and column B? To explore this question, I used Lisp code and midi files to transition from one song to another. I called this “interpolation transformation,” where I “transformed song A into song B by interpolating through the cope-event values, starting with the cope-events of song A and ending with the cope events of song B.”

Lasting Impressions – GreaseMonkey & JavaScript, 2007


lastingimpressions is a script implemented in Greasemonkey that records information about the viewable profiles on Facebook. It is basically a client-side Facebook application that stores information that the user does not care for others to publicly see. Each profile, except the user’s profile, will have the option of typing in and storing textual information through a textarea element. This could, of course, be IOU’s for money and borrowed items. It could also be birthday gift ideas, lasting memories, or Christmas card messages for later reference. Finally, all data can be logged onto a single printable document. This paper will demonstrate some aspects of client-side scripts in conjunction with server-side applications for a very specific API and discuss the broader impacts of programming languages in this arena.

Warthog Segway Robot – Pathfinding, 2007


Warthog is the inaugural entry of UD Robotics in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. The inception of the team was an informational meeting held in November, 2006, and the RMP 400 robot base was ordered from Segway soon after. Nearly 30 interested students interviewed for positions, and about half were invited to join the team. All team members enrolled in a 3-credit Computer & Information Sciences graduate seminar taught by Prof. Rasmussen in the spring called “Robot Navigation and Autonomy.” The robot was delivered at the end of January, and the first meeting of the course took place the following week.

kD teapot tree: Visibility Computations with Preprocessed Computational Geometry – C++, 2006


It is the purpose of this project to investigate the achievement of interactive frame rates by precomputing the superset visibility information. Precomputation and storage of visibility information can be utilized to accelerate online culling and rendering during interactive visual simulation of a geometric model. On-line culling is the retrieval of the static visibility data for the cell containing the observer and selection from this superset data using precise knowledge of the observer’s position and field of view. For this project, the data structure, kD-tree, is implemented in order to preprocess the locational information of visible 3-dimensional objects. In particular, the data structure created handles the case of 2 dimensional distribution of points for a plane in 3-dimensional space.

Reggie the Roadster – JVM RCX Brick / LEGO Mindstorm, 2005


MetroGen: City Generator – OpenGL, 2003


Project X: HC11 Music Box – Motorolla HC11 + Archimedes C, 2002

This was an awesome project. I hope I can find the documentation and code for it.