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The First 10 Android Apps I Download


I recently reformatted my Google phone, but before clearing the data, I made sure to make note of the top 10 apps that I must remember to install.


Audible – I’d accrued many credits before canceling my subscription. Not only was the $15/mo a bit much, but they only rolled over 6 credits at any time. Still, I’ve enjoyed many hours of audio books thanks to Audible.

One Cast – I don’t know where people go for podcasts, but this app seemed to be able to find all the stories that I wanted.


DaTuner – It’s great to always have a tuner handy. It’s a great replacement for what would’ve been another device to carry around.

iRealpro – This app is one-of-a-kind. It’s your own backup band for practicing. So good that I teared up as soon as I saw what it did. This is what technology was made for.

Mobile Metronome – I just used this one last week. It’s so hard to practice without a metronome to keep you in time. Again, it replaces what would’ve been another device to carry around.


MyFitnessPal – I love analytics. MyFitnessPal sensibly collects my nutrition data and shows me how much sugar I eat, even when I try cutting back. Unfortunately, logging my meals is the first thing to go when I get busy.

RunKeeper – This app makes running interesting! I hate going on a run when I forget to charge my phone. Something about keeping track of my progress gives me a stronger sense of accomplishment.

Features that should come with the OS, but don’t

Visual Voicemail – This app and Google Voice-like features should be the standard. I hate having to dial into my voicemail box to check my messages. I usually let he mailbox fill up, so it’s always better to text.

Barcode Scanner – It’s nice to have one of these on hand. This one was the first one I downloaded and has worked just fine. I’m not sure if phones scan barcodes automatically these days.

SMS Backup+ – I like keeping track of my message trails. I don’t understand why cell phone service carriers don’t back it up for you by default. It’s not like text messages take up a lot of space.

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