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Costs of Websites: Do I Really Need 22 Domain Names?

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my domain names

I really like my domain name registration service. They charge $10.99 per year, per dotcom. I’ve accumulated 22 names, and lost some over the years (,,– do I still own that one?).

How I do websites.

If I have a good name for it, I’ll buy the dotcom. Then I’ll either host the content on or somewhere else, where there’s not that ~$6 monthly ($72/year). At the very most, having a website costs $10.99 per year for me. I’d say that most people don’t need to pay more than that. The rest is all about design and content.

I have a couple .nets and .orgs. I’m still waiting for the right domain name that spells into the extension like I’ve heard that hyphens are not pretty, so I’ve avoided those. The recent is quite nerdy and creative.

My first domain name ever was…

… It was my AOL name, based off of my favorite video game. I’m not sure what to use it for these days. It’s more of a personal space for me (more like a pointer, actually). Domain names are kind of like that place in Chrono Trigger (SNES) where the past, present, and future meet.


The Past

  • – my first personal domain name.
  • – my first dream of creating a group blog of friends who want to change the world (from Delaware).
  • – an idea to throw dance parties in Santa Cruz, but it didn’t quite have legs. I recently let this one go, because I don’t really like the name either.
  • – this idea one got split into two different domains, one side being strongly faith-based and the second being strongly education-based.

The Present

  • – this took the place of My teaching site and main personal website reside here.
  • – this is my jazz band– one of my favorite accomplishments in life. I’m planning to move the site over to, because there may be better uses for someday.
  • – this is the other favorite accomplishment. It’s an annual conference where aspiring experts talk about faith and vocation. Most people would agree that passiontalks is a better name than reclaimtalks.
  • – this is for education and nonprofit activities. Not sure what will become of this one.
  • cyborg24 and – I’m not sure which one to keep. I started this with my EPGY Summer class in Artificial Intelligence to keep them blogging. I dream of doing a tech magazine someday. Perhaps, it will become of of these.
  • – this has become my professional website for games, computer science, research, and technology. All my favorite projects are found here, along with my CV and publications.
  • – this is where I intellectualize about spiritual matters.

The Future

  • – I’m bringing in a new blog! I need a general purpose one about current events. This will be subtitled: Culture + Education + Justice. Finally, a place to write about music and complain about education.
  • – a book? an art portfolio? I don’t know, but I recently grabbed it.
  • – there’s an awesome project I want to put here 😉
  • – if I ever have my own studio? Teaching materials?
  • and – Sure, why not? I bought as advised by Brenda Romero, well-known game developer.
  • affectiveskeptic and affectiveplay – I don’t really like either of these, but I’ll hang onto them for the year. Maybe an edugame/nonprofit for affectiveplay.
  • – this is the reincarnation of clubvirtue. I like the name much more. That’s all it is right now, anyhow.
  • – I just grabbed this one today. Maybe a place to review fiction? I don’t know, but it’s derived from the unreliable narrator. Politics? Podcasts? History of AI Researchers?
  • – no, this is the website to host the history of AI Researchers 🙂

The key is to start a new website, when I have stuff that doesn’t fit into any of my pre-existing websites. I have a food blog too, but no domain name for it yet. Anyhow, this is where you will find me on the internets.

Here are the top level domains, if you are curious:

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