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Don’t Mess with My Candy box !

CD_merchantLaptops were left ajar in the Expressive Intelligence Studio meeting today, as we all had lollipops and candies on our mind. I saw this game flash by my Facebook news feed a couple days ago, but it wasn’t until my friend, Chaim, announced to his class how awesome this game was that I logged on and started eating candies. Just about everyone in my research lab is playing Candy box ! My only advice is this: make sure you write down your save code, so you won’t have to start over when you unintentionally lose the tab that has all your hard work on it. Having had to start over again, I’ve noticed that this game is actually nicely balanced.

Just so I don’t forget again, here’s my code: cuxtr

!!SPOILERS!! below


Here’s a conversation I had with my friend, Derek, as we explored the Candy box! [[SPOILER ALERT!]]


Derek: when you around these parts ?

me: this is crazy… lol

Derek: what is tha ?

me: its funny. u have to let the candies accumulate

Derek: what are the candies ? ! I had 5 candies and I quit

me: no

Derek: should I get more

me: u have to get to like 100. then u buy a sword

Derek: wha?!

me: then u can go on quests. u just leave it going in the browsers.

Derek: im letting the candies

me: dont buy the lollipop. get the sword first

Derek: I can only throw the candies on the ground or buy a pop from the merchant

me: wait until he gives u the sword

Derek: i quested through the peaceful forest. i found like 8 candies and a sword

me: mt goblin is hard. i died

Derek: haha

me: i need a better sword

me: that merchant really likes candies… u need the iron sword to get over the mountain.. i dunno how to raise my HP though…dammit.. i died again!

me: dude.. i just bought 10 lollipops

Derek: dude

me: 500 candies

Derek: what is this game doin in my browser… tracking cookies… haha

me: hahaha

Derek: i can buy the copper sword.. dude, the lollipop guy is so suave.. he has his hands in his pockets

me: i planted 10 lollipop plants and now i get a lollipop every 5 hours… SCORE!…i’m going to make games like this

Derek: what are the pops for ?

me: i’m sure i will find out

Derek: damn… i planted one… i get 1/day

me: dude.. they need arnold in this game

Derek: i know… ascii arnold

me: i died on mt goblin again… i’m on mt goblin with the silver sword now!

Derek: whaaa? how much was the silver sword ?

me: 1000 candies

Derek: oh snap!… I had 950 and I bought 10 pops… shiiiiitttttttttt

me: i beat goblin mountain and i got 500 candies!!!

Derek: damn!… I was so close !

me: i’m gonna do it AGAIN!…i got a map and boots in my inventory now….i dont know what i’m supposed to do with them…OMG>. this game is ridiculous… u need 10 lollipops to throw in the sorceress’s hut

“See by yourself. My
prices are high, but the
spells are great! (1 klp
means 1000 lollipops) ”

Derek: kilapops

me: dude.. i’m in the underwater cave now

Derek: omg, i gotta get back to wrk!..haha..enjoy eploring, im gna rack up candies

me: ok…haha


” Hello. I’m The Frog. I can
provide you candies, and lots
of things. I know how much
you love candies. But I feel
alone in this swamp. I’d like
to play with you before. If
you answer my questions
correctly, the sweetest
sweets will be yours. ”

Derek: hahahaha

me: ” Second question : if A

implies B and B implies C,
and D implies A, and E
implies D, what does A imply?”

Derek: hahahaha…omg… i love this

me: omg.. this game… omg..

me: now i can buy scrolls and potions.. and can encrust my sword with candies

Derek: omg.. amazing

me: i just got a chocolate bar from the frog

“Now, just type the answer to
that question and I’ll give
you a very special present :
what is the only thing to go
beyond the limits of our
universe ?

Derek: eat candies

me: “the answer”…lol

Derek: nice… I have > 2000 candies and cant buy the sword… oh well

me: diamond sword?… maybe u need to go on the mountain

Derek: silver



3 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with My Candy box !

  1. I really enjoyed this games. I’ve almost beaten it. Surprisingly neat. There’s lot of satirical commentary here. I think posting a dialog about your experience with the game is one of the best ways to talk about it.

    Keep up the thoughtful play.

  2. Thanks, KirbyKid, critical-gaming, Richard 🙂

    Games like this make me want to make satisfying, shorter, browser-based experiences.

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