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I Had a Feeling that Posterous was Pulling the Plug


Yesterday at 6:30 pm, I messaged my band, “I’m migrating our site from posterous to wordpress… b/c wordpress pwns.” As I was updating information on our latest gig, I had an eery feeling that something about how the Posterous site was running seemed off– mostly in the features and odd formatting. I took a couple hours yesterday and moved our entire site to WordPress (which, by the way, is kind of annoying with how it handles duplicate media files.)

Since the whole Twitter thing, there was expectation that this would eventually happen. I actually really liked Posterous as I wrote about here. It was so clean, elegant, and mobile friendly– no wonder they were acquired. Oh well, most people seemed to be using Tumblr anyhow. I, myself, have become quite a dedicated WordPress user.

Terminal Degree Jazz Band is just one of my side projects as I’m working on completing this dissertation. Passion Talks are happening on July 27th at Stanford. I’m trying to figure out whether I should pursue this Shanghai thing in June. I’ve got to do a little teaching to support myself this summer and need to plan that out. Then there’s the Academic Bridges project, where I’ve got a few connections to make in South Africa and Mozambique.

In the short term, I’ve got to mail a card out for Mother’s day and coordinate the trip here to come see graduation for my parents. I’m gonna have some draft of the dissertation by Monday and have migrated my data over with MySQL. Probably, my next post here will be in some form of a graduation speech. I figure since I write so much anyhow, why not?

In any case, it’s interesting how you can sense the waning existence of a particular web tool/service.  I was more surprised when Google decided to shut down Reader, but by then, I’d stopped using it, so the losses were cut long ago. That goes to show that we should pay close attention to the services we invest in.

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